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Light Designing & Light DecorationService in UAE & Middle East

Light Tower Illuminations provides the clients with latest and very superior quality indoor lighting and outdoor lighting solutions.also decorative illumination fixtures.

We provide the expertise and the components for creating a memorable light and sound experience for any events like National Day, Wedding, Ramadan,..etc.

The complete lighting solution from the best lighting service provider

We provide various lighting for all occasions and Digital illumination services


Facade Lighting

Facade Lighting increases the visibility of buildings and will make it visually attractive. We install specialized facade lights to bridges, hotels, villas, showrooms, hypermarkets, shopping malls and stadium. Our innovative LED lighting systems are energy efficient and integrated with remote programming and management for easy management.

Wedding light villa decoration

Wedding Light Decoration

Wedding is considered as the most memorable moment in life. So it's important to make your wedding day more special. Wedding Light Decoration is the most important factor to set the mood and enhance the theme of your big day. From dramatic fairy lights to ambiance changing LED lights, Light Tower Illumination will come up with a unique wedding illumination ideas that will leave a lasting memory in the minds of everyone.


Eid Light Decoration

Just like Ramadan, eid is also a heartwarming time of the year. Celebrating Eid is important as Ramadan. We all wait to see the creative eid light decoration that adorns houses, streets and famous areas of the city. Make this year's end light decorations even more grand with Light Tower illumination’s creative and expert lighting ideas.


Street Light Decoration

We all feel the festive cheer, even more, when we see the streets all lit up to suit the current festival. From light posts to roundabouts and parking areas, light decorations remind us of the warmth that festive celebrations big about. The street light decoration is not only decorating lights it's a form of art. Light Tower illumination will come up with innovative street light decoration ideas that are unique and beautiful.


Ramadan Light Decoration

Let's celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with lights. Adorn your homes, streets or the entire city with Ramadan Light Decorations in any color, pattern or size you wish. Light Tower Illuminations' creativity and experience in this lighting field will create unique light decorations and lighting arrangements in any configuration or pattern you want. Enhance the festive spirit of ramadan with a unique ramadan theme based light decoration.


Building Illumination

Earlier in UAE building illumination is a Trend, but now that trend expands to all over the middle east especially in Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. For each festive and holiday season, we serve you a unique attractive illumination that works for your building. Our experienced designers create unique lighting ideas that are perfectly suitable for your building. This uniqueness makes light tower illumination as the best building illumination company in the middle east. Call us and customise your building with the best illumination company.


Sales Promotion Light Decoration

Boost your sales by creating a bit of festive light decoration, holiday illumination or just the right ambiance to attract more customers. It is proved that by using a unique light decoration for your sales promotion, the customer count increases dramatically because our lighting can easily attract customers' attention. Hire Light Tower Illumination to use our creativity and expertise in the field to benefit you.


Shopping Mall Light Decorations

To provide an unforgettable shopping environment in your mall, the ambiance you create should be attractive and welcoming. This feeling is achieved by choosing the right lighting solution that is suitable for the corresponding festival, holiday or any occasion. Lighting is a crucial factor and light Tower illumination will help you to use that factor to your advantage with our creative ideas and expertise. Our inside and outside light arrangements and light decorations help you to bring shoppers to your mall.


Birthday Party Illumination

Lighting is one of the simplest methods to create a celebration atmosphere of any occasion in any space. The possibilities of illuminating a space for birthday parties are numerous. Let's make your birthday party amazing with a unique lighting effect. Depending on the birthday theme we have wide range of lighting ideas, That's why customers always looking for Light Tower Illumination to celebrate each birthday. Use our unique and creative ideas to make a birthday party more beautiful.

illumination for hotels

Illumination for Hotels

Building owners are used our lighting service to attract customers to their building and making sales. In UAE/Middle East there are lots of hotels providing good services. So you need to do something special to attract your customers. Set the way for a memorable experience for all the customers who visit your hotel and increase customer loyalty. The simple way to do this is by using illumination for hotels. Whether it's the lobby, the suite, fitness area, conference room, etc. Light Tower illumination will offer you expert advice suitable for your decorating theme and also supply you with various fixtures and lighting solutions to truly transform your space.

Wedding light villa decoration

National Day Light Decoration

Older UAE(especially dubai & abu dhabi city) is famous for extravagant light decorations. But now all over the middle east(UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia)gave more importance to Lighting & Light decorations, be it color changing lights or lights configured in various patterns. Definitely, the national day is a reason to bring out the best illuminated decorations. Nation day lighting is one of the main components in national day celebrations, especially in the UAE national day. Light Tower Illumination will make your National Day Light decoration dreams come true with our expertise, creativity, and foolproof products.

Wedding light villa decoration

Park Lighting / School Illumination

Park lighting can create a cozy ambiance in parks, especially at night time. Garden lights to line pathways, fairy lights, and lanterns strung from trees and rows of lights covering barks of trees are a few ways to create the park appealing. When the festive seasons approach, the possibilities are numerous to decorate the park. Also, a school function like arts day, annual day are important days. We have unique school illumination ideas for school management to welcome their guests and parents on special days. Light Tower Illumination’s expertise and our creativity will provide you with so many awesome lighting possibilities.

Wedding light villa decoration

Royal Wedding Illumination

Celebrate your special wedding day in a royal atmosphere. We light tower illumination provides you royal wedding light effects to celebrate your day more colorful. Our natural and traditional theme based lighting service makes your home/auditorium as a palace. For unique and royal wedding light decoration contact us, we will provide you a wide range of lighting ideas that will help you to select perfect light designing that is suitable for your wedding occasion. Check out our complete lighting solutions to make your royal wedding more memorable in everyone's mind.

Wedding light villa decoration

Architectural Lighting

Enhance your structure’s aesthetic appeal while considering the ergonomic aspect and energy efficiency. Architectural lighting will help you to add character to your space and also make the lighting perfect for the purpose of the space. Keeping in mind all cultural and decorations aspects Light Tower Illumination will offer you creative lighting ideas you will love a lot. Contact us and explore our architectural lighting ideas.

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